Teleferico Quito

Cotopaxi Tours

Why travel with us?

  • Our tours are great for family, groups of friends or lonely adventurers.
  • We make it super easy!!
  • We are a group of young up beat people, our priorities are a fun and safe adventure!
  • We love adventure as much as you do!
  • We will have as much fun as you going into a tour!
  • We make less tours than the big american companies, so it's an adventure for us too and we put all our energy into making the best of it!
  • Our rates are lower to any other one on the market, but if you find a better deal just let us now and we will match it and even give you a disccount over the price you found!
  • We are all from Ecuador, so we actually know what we are talking about! well kind of! in a lot of locations we actually learn from the people
  • We are taking on a tour, and we just keep learning.
  • We are good looking! ehh not really! but we do our best and shower every day!
  • We are honest!!!
  • We love our country, respect nature, and belive in the love of God as our most precious gift.
  • We like to meet people from other countries and make friends, sorry we DO have to charge you, we have college bills to pay!
  • We do this in our spare time, we have other jobs or remain busy with college so for us a chance to escape on a tour with you is just something great!
  • We drive safe! We take care of our cars and drive them safelly, we been going to the cotopaxi and driving ecuadorian roads since young!
  • If it's a weekend and we have time we will be happy to take you to a nice place and join you on a celebration party and picture review! We know all the cool places in Quito city!
  • If there's space remaining in the car and it is ok with you, we will fill it up with friends and other guides from
  • We are becoming good photographers, and will do our best to take great shots of you and your family so you don't have to worry about bringing cameras or asking some one to take your pictures.
  • We will shoot some video of you and upload it to youtube so you can share the adventure with friends!
  • We ehhh ran out of space for reasons!!!! but you should be convinced by now!!? Write us a note with any questions or if after a tour with us you think we should ad a reason!


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Includes: transportation, lodging & activities

Includes: guide, transportation & activities