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Tulipe Archaeological Site-Museum

Tour Tulipe

Departure from Quito to discover one of the routes shown the cultural part of our country, we will go on the road to Nanegalito up to Tulipe, located about two hours from Quito, continue through the mountains to the Archaeological Museum, where we will learn about the culture that inhabited the northwestern Quito, Los Yumbos, here will appreciate the traditionally monumental structures known as "pools Tulipe".

An unforgettable archaeological experience!


Middle of the World

Tour Tulipe

After enjoying a delicious lunch, we return to Quito, but not before making a stop at the Equator and the Museum of Intiñan city, here we are literally in the two hemispheres, north and south at the same time, and we will several scientific experiments, such as balancing an egg on the head of a nail, see how the water is drained turning in different directions, curious experiences you can enjoy here.

In the afternoon we return to our initial meeting point.




Duration: 8 hours, starts in Quito.



What equipment do I need?

You should carry both light clothing as warm (the weather in Quito is variable and it is best to be prepared), sunscreen, sunglasses will make this adventure more comfortable, a camera is always great, but if you haven't it, dont worry our guide will take pictures for you, and some videos to share with friends.

Can pay by credit card?

We accept cash and credit card payments through our electronic payments system.

And the shoes?

You can use any kind of shoes, but preferably ones that are cofortables use and allow you to walk without problems.


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Includes: guide, transportation & activities

Includes: transportation, lodging & activities