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Budget Tulipe Tour

Go back in time and learn everything about the Yumbo people, while admiring the impressive ruins during a one day budget trip to the Tulipe on-site Archeological museum with Cotopaxi Tours.

You want to know and be shown it all? Come with us to the Tulipe Archaeological museum!

Tulipe is one of the most important archaeological sites of Ecuador and located northwest in the province Pichincha, in the village of Nanegalito. Here the interesting and multidimensional on- site archaeological Tulipe Museum is located.

The main attractions of the museum are the archaeological ruins, related to the former Yumbo civilization, which makes this a great place to visit for those interested in ancient civilizations. Also, various handicrafts are exhibited. The rich flora and fauna contributes to this unique on-site museum and makes it a wonderful place to visit for nature lovers.

Tulipe Archeological on-site Museum

Tulipe Archeological on-site Museum

The Sacred Valley of Tulipe, allows you to admire the remains of the site, once build by the Yumbo people, who lived around Quito between 800 and 1600. The Ceremonial Center is comprised of eight sunken stone structures linked with aqueducts. These used to be filled with water to reflect the stars, so the Yumbo people could observe them more easily.

The structures are coated with stonework of rectangular and semicircular shapes, positioned in a way to form a horizontal cross. In these "pools" and nearby rivers are also numerous petroglyphs to be found, showing interesting and complex shapes.

Tulipe MuseumThe constructions and structures are evidence of the Yumbo people’s creativity.

The Museum of Tulipe, also exhibits the way Yumbo people used to live. This way, you will have the chance to admire crafts, writing tools, ways of dressing and many other things related to their ancient traditions.





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Includes: guide, transportation & activities