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Budget Quisapincha Tour, itinerary



Quinta de Juan Leon Mera

Quinta de Juan Leon Mera, Ambato

It will depart from Quito, after 2 hours of travel, we will arrive at the beautiful city of Ambato, our first stop will be the Quinta Juan León Mera, a place full of history, because it was the home of who wrote the letter National Anthem of Ecuador, we will stroll through its gardens and orchards.

Shopping in Quisapincha

Shopping in Quisapincha, Ambato

Then we will enjoy a relaxing time, we will head for Quisapincha, this trip will take about 30 minutes to reach the site visit stores that offer a wide variety of items made of leather at amazing price.

Tour Quisapincha

After a moment of shopping, return to the city, ready to enjoy a delicious typical lunch in town, our stop will be Pinllo.

Then we will make a brief visit to the city center of Ambato and then return to the capital of Ecuador, Quito.





Includes: transportation, lodging & activities

Includes: guide, transportation & activities