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Budget Quilotoa Tour

Join Cotopaxi’s versatile one day budget trip to the magical and exciting Quilotoa Lagoon and get yourself the best souvenirs at the colorful handicraft market of Saquisilí.

Quilotoa is so extraordinary and offers you such an epic view, it will be hard to forget!

Quilotoa Lagoon

The Quilotoa is the most northern volcano of the Ecuadorian Andes, located in the province of Cotopaxi, and is part of the ecological Reserve Ilinizas. The beautiful lake in the crater, with its emerald colored water, will take your breath away.

This lagoon is not just any lagoon; it’s a lagoon with a legend. A legend about King of volcanoes Quilotoa who used to live on the surface of the lagoon. He faced many battles with his worst enemy, Toachi, who was living beneath the surface of the lagoon.

Quilotoa Lagoon

The legend will be told during our visit and will give some exciting dimensions to the tour.

Quilotoa Lake has become a popular attraction over the last years. This popularity is due to the stunning landscape and beautiful emerald colored water.

Viewpoint Quilotoa Lagoon

In the community of Quilotoa, you can join various activities such as touring the lagoon by kayak, horseback riding and hiking around the crater. Visitors are also allowed to camp in the crater for free. The temperature is warmer inside than outside.

Indigenous Market of Saquisilí

Indigenous Market of Saquisilí

Saquisilí is a town located on our way to Quilotoa. The indigenous people are well known for their customs, traditions and the variety of colorful handicrafts made in the area. Here we will have a stop to wander around in this authentic Ecuadorian town and visit the handicraft market. This place is great for some souvenir shopping!





Includes: transportation, lodging & activities

Includes: guide, transportation & activities