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Budget Mindo Tour



Early in the morning we will depart from Quito to Mindo


Mindo Nambillo Waterfall

Mindo Tour

As we go will enjoy the changes in vegetation, once in Mindo we will move towards tarabita, located at 530 meters high, crossing the trail Ecological, enjoy a unique landscape, until you reach the waterfall Nambillo, which invite us to enjoy an exquisite bath.

Butterfly Farm Mindo

Mindo Tour

Continuing our tour we will return to the village and enjoy a delicious lunch. Afternoon visit the Butterfly Farm where we will observe the process of metamorphosis that takes a caterpillar and then transformed into Mariposa.

In the Butterfly we can see 25 varieties of butterflies flying in a greenhouse. It is the Ecuadorian display with more species and greater number of copies flying at their facilities.


Extreme sports in Mindo

Mindo Tour

For those who like extreme sports , our tour also allows them to practice it, experience the feeling of flying , or slip into buoys on the waters of River Mindo , practicing canopy or tubing.

After enjoying a wonderful day, return to the city of Quito.

This tour is highly recommended for lovers of nature and adventure.





What equipment do I need?

You should carry both light clothing as warm (the weather in Quito is variable and it is best to be prepared), swimwear, if possible extra clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses will make this adventure more comfortable, a camera is always great, but if you haven't it, dont worry our guide will take pictures for you, and some videos to share with friends.

Can pay by credit card?

We accept cash and credit card payments through our electronic payments system.

And the shoes?

You can use any kind of shoes, but preferably ones that are cofortables use and allow you to walk without problems.



Includes: guide, transportation & activities

Includes: transportation, lodging & activities