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Budget Mindo Tour

Walk through the clouds, be impressed by the waterfalls and surround yourself with a countless number of different butterflies and birds during the Budget day tour to nature’s paradise Mindo Valley in Ecuador.

Mindo Valley will offer you all the amazing natural wonders you could wish for!


Mindo is located in the middle of the cloud forest, only 2 hours from the city of Quito. This amazing location offers spectacular scenery, a variety of flora and fauna and the opportunity, for the thrill-seekers, to join some exciting adventures.

This beautiful corner of Ecuador is surrounded by 19'000 hectares protected of primary and secondary forest. In the surrounding area, about 500 species of birds and about 1,200 species of butterflies can be found. It is not without a reason that Mindo was appointed as the number one site for bird watching in Latin America in 1997 by the Bird Life International.

Canopy in Mindo

Mindo has a variety of rivers and waterfalls that will not only offer you some great sights, but also allow you to join some great adventures and extreme sports, such as canopy, rafting, rappelling or tubing. In case you rather stay with both feet on the (dry) ground, you can enjoy some great walks and enjoy nature, by going on several hikes with a local guide who is eager to share all its knowledge.

Butterfly farm

Butterfly Farm Mindo

Are you a huge butterfly fan? The Butterfly farm gives us the opportunity to learn about the process of reproduction, life and metamorphosis of butterflies. The complex process, of turning from an egg into a caterpillar and of becoming a magical colorful butterfly, will be explained. Of course, you will also get the chance to admire numerous butterflies from up-close.

Mindo Nambillo waterfall

Mindo Nambillo waterfall

Within the reserve you will find 15 waterfalls of different heights, each having their unique beauty. Walking the traditional route, you can reach the waterfall Nambillo, one of the main attractions during your trip to Mindo. This amazing place also has a cable car 530 meters in length, which will shorten the walk and will allow you to admire the beautiful forest from a whole different perspective,




Includes: transportation, lodging & activities

Includes: guide, transportation & activities