Alfaro city, Manta
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Manta is one of the major cities in the country, is the main fishing port of Ecuador, and one of the quintessential tourist sites, annually receives foreign and domestic tourists, has magnificent beaches that invite relaxation in various forms.

Manta has an airport of first level, that will keep you close to anywhere in the world.

Ciudad Alfaro

Alfaro city, Manta Ecuador

The Civic Center City Alfaro, was created in honor of General Eloy Alfaro Delgado, president of Ecuador and is located in the foothills of Montecristi.

Its architecture combines the history of Manabi with the history of Ecuador. Your pre-columbian touch is fused with modern. It has a museum, mausoleum, multiple events center and office building.

The building resembles the figure of the condor, it can be appreciated from the air or even from the top of the hill of Montecristi. A pot-shaped module is the head of the condor, inside which is the mausoleum of Eloy Alfaro, the bird's neck serves as income to the monument. The body of the condor is the room where the National Constituent Assembly functioned.

Ciudad Alfaro, Manabi

Outside, 16 points wireframe represent the swords used by the warriors who participated in the many battles accompanying the General.

In the Plaza Central a locomotive is displayed, and the Mausoleum are 5 museological halls, here lie the ashes of Eloy Alfaro in a chest carved in granite.


La Basilica church, Quito

The capital of Ecuador, has many tourist attractions, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America, not only for having the largest historic center of the region but also for its modern architecture, parks and mainly warmth and friendliness of its people.

Due to its well-preserved historic center, was recognized by UNESCO as the First Cultural Heritage Site in 1978. It has churches, chapels, monasteries and colonial convents, plazas, museums and charming courtyards, republican buildings and interesting architecture early twentieth century and notable contemporary works that make this a place of great historical, architectural and aesthetic value.

Very close to the city is the monument to the Middle of the World, a site of great importance since it indicates the precise location of the equator.

Middle of the World, Quito

A small replica of the colonial city surrounding the monument, a resort where you will find various souvenir shops and restaurants.

Middle of the World City

The Middle of the World is located on the Equator line, in an enchanted valley, where the planet is divided into two hemispheres: North and South. It is also the meeting point of the most colorful displays of culture and folk art.


Otavalo is located 110 km north of Quito, features a large cultural wealth, its inhabitants maintain their identity, strengthened by myths, legends and traditions.

Today is one of the most important tourist destinations of Ecuador, is surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers, streams and natural springs. really beautiful, what makes this small town a paradise, who always want to return. Otavalo is world renowned for its famous indigenous craft market, where you can find millions of handmade items, cotton, wool, leather, wood, ceramics, etc.




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Includes: transportation, lodging & activities