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The town of Cayambe is located northeast of the province of Pichincha, 40 minutes from the city of Quito, surrounded by high mountains and beautiful scenery. Its history, traditions and customs have made it in a place full of identity, magic and Andean folklore. It also has the only mountain on the planet that is crossed by the Equator.

Cayambe, has a population of approximately 30,000 people. Its main activity is the production of the most beautiful and varied flowers in the world.

Cayambe Tour

The large agricultural production of this land is reflected in the floriculturas farms that generate a perfect combination between flowers and tourism.

Cayambe is also considered an agriculture and livestock zone par excellence, because of its dairy farms, which produce delicious cheeses and its timber industry.

Cayambe volcano

The Cayambe Volcano is famous for having the most beautiful glaciers in Ecuador. It is the third highest peak in the country and the highest peak in the Andes north of the equator.

Refuge Ruales Oleas, Cotpaxi volcano

It has an altitude 5790 meters, was the first summit conquered by Edward Whymper and the Carrel brothers in 1880. In its snows you can ski at a height of 5500 meters, ideal for adventure lovers.

The Cayambe volcano is now part of the System of Protected Areas of Ecuador is located in the Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve.





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