Antisana Ecological Reserve
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Budget Tour Antisana and Papallacta

Climb to the top of the Antisana volcano, get hypnotized by the mystical icy lagoons and relax in one of the many thermal hot springs in Papallacta during Cotopaxi’s one day Budget trip.

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Antisana Ecological Reserve

Antisana Ecological Reserve, declared as such the July 21, 1993 , is located between the provinces of Pichincha and Napo, this beautiful place includes wide grasslands, mountains’ and rainforest.

Within the reserve the Antisana volcano can be found, which rises 5758 meters above sea level. This mountain has three challenging peaks to climb. The icy lagoons, surrounded by the different peaks, offer magical images great to capture on camera!

Antisana Ecological Reserve

Another attraction in the Reserve is the Micacocha Lake, the largest one of the Reserve. Around the lake you can see lava flows, the traces of volcanic activity. Micacocha and its grassland surroundings combined, provide a magical and unique landscape. You will find several species of Andean birds and many other species of mammals around Micacocha.
This area has also a great biological and ecological importance as it protects the condor, a species in danger of extinction.

Termas de Papallacta

Papallacta Hot Springs

Papallacta, about 67 km away from Quito, is surrounded by two amazing natural areas: Cayambe-Coca National Park and Antisana Ecological Reserve. Papallacta is famous for its lagoon and its thermal waters. These waters, from deep geological layers, come up to the surface, due to cracks in the ground. They form several natural hot springs.

Natural hot springs are, as the name implies, nice and warm and contain a high percentage of sulfates, chlorides, sodium, calcium and magnesium traces, resulting in various benefits for your body and health. Not only are these springs relaxing, they are also great for your skin and may help to cure eczema or psoriasis. Due to the hot temperature it will speed up your metabolism and it’s beneficial for your blood circulation.

Termas de Papallacta Resort

The hot springs are located in Termas de Papallacta, this resort is located on the banks of the Papallacta River, has a unique natural setting, surrounded by mountains that will offer you a great and relaxing view.

In addition, the resort offers swimming pools, with high and low temperatures, a thermal jet that helps improve circulation, a medical center and a SPA. You can also find several hiking trails, allowing you to enjoy nature at its best, while hiking through and admiring the beautiful local flora and fauna.





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