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Cotopaxi National Park

Your designated tour guide will pick you up in your vehicle in the morning, from the hotel or meeting point.

Cotopaxi National Park

You will pass approximately 01:30 of route, observing the spectacular landscape of the Ecuadorian highlands, until arriving at the Cotopaxi National Park, from where we will be able to have a first view of the highest active volcano in the world!

In the distance and already inside the Park, on the way to the volcano, we will have the opportunity to observe beautiful wild horses.

Limpiopungo lagoon

Limpiopungo Lagoon, Cotopaxi National Park

Before taking the road that will take us to the parking lot of the volcano (which is only a few meters from the snow) we can visit the lagoon of Limpiopungo, which offers a spectacular landscape and is home to local and migrating waterfowl.

José Rivas refuge

José Rivas refuge, Cotopaxi volcano

From the volcano parking, a 40-minute walk is what is usually required to reach the José Rivas refuge, where you can drink some hot chocolate, enjoy the spectacular view and play in the snow.

José Rivas refuge, Cotopaxi volcano

All the way up to the volcano will give you the opportunity to take the most spectacular photographs, do not forget to capture some video and upload it to youtube!

The Cotopaxi is the highest active volcano in the world, at 5000 meters above sea level.


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Includes: transportation, lodging & activities

Includes: guide, transportation & activities