Pita River Great Waterfall
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Budget Tour to the Pita River Great Waterfall

Get stunned by magical and powerful waterfall along Rio Pita in the Ecological resort Molinuco and enjoy nature in an adventurous way, by joining this Cotopaxi Budget day trip.

Embrace the adventure and feel overwhelmed by the power of impressive waterfalls!

This Ecological Resort is located on the banks of Pita River, about an hour from downtown Quito, northwest of Sangolquí, and entails 80 acres that were formerly part of the Hacienda Patichubamba

In the Molinuco you will find several trails, made of rustic wood, that will lead you to the impressive waterfalls, streams and springs. Enjoy your walk and experience nature at its best.

The Resort offers a total of 18 waterfalls that can be found along the Rio (river) Pita. Visit the Molinuco Chorrera and the Condor Machay waterfalls, the best ones offered by Rio Pita.

Recreation Center, The Pita River Great Waterfall

Pita River Great Waterfall

With a height of 60 meters, the Great Cascade River Pita is one of the most powerful waterfalls in the area, a must see for nature lovers and adventurists. The drop of the water is impressive and will blow you away.

The Pita River Great Waterfall is a unique place with rich flora and fauna, typical species of the highlands of the Andean region and spectacular sceneries.

There will be local guides who happily share their knowledge. You can also find, restaurants, a recreational areas (prepare yourself to get wet feet!), tarabita, canopy and there is a campsite, in case you fancy staying overnight.




Includes: transportation, lodging & activities

Includes: guide, transportation & activities