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Budget Tour to the Middle of the World and Pululahua

Do you want to go for a stroll through the streets of Equator, the Middle of the World city, and be impressed by the treasures that Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve has to offer?

Let us take you on this amazing Budget day trip that you will never forget!

A visit to Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is an experience that you don’t want to miss out on. Not only will you be stunned by Quito’s beauty, it’s also the perfect place to hop on an amazing tour that will enrich your life. Cotopaxi Ecuador Tours will happily take you on an exciting day trip to Equator, The Middle of the World City (Ciudad Mitad Del Mundo), and Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve. Have you always wanted to leave your footprint on a unique location, such as the middle of the world? And do you want to be impressed and amazed by the beauty of Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve? Here is your chance!

Middle of the World City

Middel of the World City, Quito Ecuador

Ciudad Mitad Del Mundo (Equator City) is a small and beautiful colonial town. As the name implies, this town is located at the middle of the world. At the entrance, you will find the Geodetic Avenue, which is guarded by 13 stone busts of members of the French Geodesic Mission, who visited the Ecuadorian territory in 1736. Inside this town the famous Equator Monument can be found.The Middle of the World monument, a 9 floors high building, highlights the exact location of the equator and has a gazebo, on the top floor, where visitors can see a unique landscape. Within the monument you will find the Ethnographic Museum, where, in addition to elements of the indigenous culture of Ecuador, such as clothing, descriptions of the various ethnic groups, you will also find samples of the diverse flora and fauna of the Galápagos archipelago.

In Equator City, there are four galleries with permanent and fascinating exhibitions. Work of e.g. Guayasamín and Quiteño are shown.

Another attraction is the Planetarium where you will be taken on multiple imaginary journeys as you can see the stars from any point on Earth, due to their high-tech equipment.

Museo Intiñan

Intiñan Museo, Middle of the World, Quito

The Intiñan Solar Museum, is located just a few minutes from the Equator City. This museum is a pleasant and interactive center, where you can see demonstrations of various natural phenomena that occur in the equatorial zone. This museum also has models of the main temples of the peoples who settled on the equator and anthropological totem forest.

Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve

Viewpoint Pululahua, Middle of the World, Quito

The reserve is located in the interior and on the slopes of the Pululahua volcano. The area is very unique as it is one of the few inhabited volcanic craters in the world. You will never forget this stunning view!

In this beautiful area you can hike through nature by following several trails. The nature lovers will be thrilled by the divers local flora and fauna with its unique endemic species.





Includes: transportation, lodging & activities

Includes: guide, transportation & activities