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Budget Horseback riding Pululahua Tour

Enjoy the best horseback ride of your life, while wandering through the unique and diverse Geobotanical Reserve Pululahua, the collapsed volcano, with a one day Budget trip with Cotopaxi.

Let yourself get ‘carried’ away by the wonders of Pululahua. Enjoy the ride!

The Geobotanical Reserve Pululahua is located approximately 17 km from the City of Quito, near the Middle of the World, in the villages Calacalí and San Antonio de Pichincha and is an extension of the volcano Pululahua. The name is a Quichua, which stands for “cloud of water”. It’s a collapsed volcano and is declared as a Geobotanical Reserve due to its great biodiversity and unique geological formations.

Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve

The reserve covers about 3383 hectares and has altitudes ranging from 1800-3400 meters. It is one of the few inhabited craters in the world. You will find a broad range of wildlife due to the great biodiversity and the wonderful and many water sources.
The Reserve Pululahua is also an ancient treasure, as from the Catequilla hill , several mountains of Pululahua align with the position of the sun at the equinoxes and solstices.
The climate in the crater is great, though a little chilly in the evenings when it’s misty.

Cerro Pondoña

Horseback riding Pululahua

Cerro Pondoña is the most representative elevation of the Reserve and contains the remains of a crater formed during an explosion 500 years after the volcano collapsed. From here you can have a spectacular view of the entire landscape of Pululahua. This area is full of different types of butterflies that are especially visible in this area during the hot hours and sunny days.

Horseback riding

The reserve counts a number of trails that are excellent for horseback riding. Climb on a horse and let yourself get carried away through this very unique and diverse reserve that will keep on amazing you.





Includes: guide, transportation & activities

Includes: transportation, lodging & activities