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Budget tour to famous Otavalo city market and surroundings

Budget day tour with Cotopaxi tours to the beautiful Imbabura province, some of its stunning lakes and the famous handicraft capital Otavalo.

Escape the city, admire colorful handicrafts and breathtaking sceneries!

Get hypnotized by the incredible view of the San Pablo and Cuicocha lake and bring a big bag for some amazing souvenirs that you will find at the Otavalo market. On this diverse day tour Cotopaxi will take you to some of the best places that the Imbabura province has to offer.



Otavalo is located in a beautiful mountain region, about 2 hours to the north of Quito, and is one of the main tourist destinations in Ecuador. This city is famous for its colorful handicrafts, beautiful lakes and amazing scenery.


Otavalo Market, Plaza de los Ponchos

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Otavalo is very famous among visitors for its cultural diversity, the indigenous market, known as Plaza de los Ponchos, offers a unique experience. Here you will find a wide range of local crafts and local delicacies. This folkloric event is on for the entire week, though on Saturday craftsmen from various regions come to the site and make this event one of the best in the country.



Tour Otavalo

Cotacachi is the musical capital of Imbabura and is also well known for its handicrafts of leather and wool. Within the city you can find many stores that sell leather goods, such as: handmade wallets, purses, belts, bags, shoes, clothes and much more. Great for souvenir shopping!


San Pablo Lake

Tour Otavalo

The lagoon of San Pablo is one of 28 lakes located in the Imbabura province. It offers great scenery due to the stunning landscape and its natural treasures. The small white sailboats in the calm water make this idyllic picture perfect. The lake is surrounded by cattails that are used by local communities as Huaycopungo to make handicrafts.


Cuicocha Lake

Tour Otavalo

The Cuicocha lagoon has an infinite beauty and is rich in flora and fauna. It is located at the foot of Cotacachi Volcano. In the middle of this fabulous lagoon, three domes of volcanic rock rise above the water and form two islands covered with vegetation separated by the so-called "channel of dreams".


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Book a private tour paying only 10% reserve, pay the balance after your tour is completed.

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