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Cotopaxi Ecuador Tours, one day tour to the Cotopaxi Volcano from Quito.

Here begins a lifetime experience!

Cotopaxi, viewpoint of the Andes and the second most popular adventure destination in Ecuador, just a few minutes away from Quito. If you find being in nature an uplifting experience, then take a visit to the higuest volcano in the world, it will leave its mark on you.

At 5,897 metres above sea level, its perfect cone covered in glaciers rises heavenwards, and the crystals of the stalactites and stalagmites shine in the moonlight, giving off a radiant glow. From, its summit, if the climatic conditions are favourable, you can make out almost all the peaks in the country.

Cotopaxi National Park

In the encounter with Cotopaxi Volcano you will be sorrounded by pristine forests, mountains, lakes, wild horses and ecosystems wich change amazingly as you get higher. You will also observe its exotic fauna in the wild as you take part in the numerous activities offered by this unforgettable adventure.

It doesn't matter where you are, you will feel the peace that it radiates and you can explore a new, silent, solitary life where the only voice you hear will be that of the wind.

Cotopaxi National Park was created in 1975 as a protected area for the volcanoes and lakes within it. You will be fascinated by nature at its most extraordinary in the most visited national park in Ecuador. An impressive array of animals live within the 34,000-hectare park such as condors, pumas, spectacled bears, Andean foxes, orange-headed caracaras (a specie of endemic to the region), llamas, frogs, paramo, humming birds and many others.

This park also has an important collection of lakes and mountain peaks. One the most outstanding of these is Limpiopungo Lake, which reflects in its waters majestic Rumiñahui 4,757 metres high; Santo Domingo Lake, surrounded by walls on Incan stone, the ruins of pucarás (Incan forts) and other stone platforms which are thought to have been built by Pre-Colombian shepherds.

Without doubt, when you visit Cotopaxi National Park, and leave behind the noise and stress of the big city, you will be infused with a feeling of spirituality and love for nature seldom experienced.

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